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Nuestra Firma

Workshop Management

María Teresa Muñoz Guillén

C/Luis Buñuel 12, 22.200 - Sariñena (Huesca)

- Bachelor of Arts - Zaragoza University.

- Humanistic Learning Degree - Zaragoza University.

- I & II Courses and Certifies of Pedagogical Atitude in the Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación - Zaragoza University.

- National Investigation Card nº 7/93 issued by the Head Office of Fine Arts, Archives and Libraries (Culture Ministry).

- Craft Qualification nº 302 issued by Diputación General de Aragón.

- Included in the D.G.T´s files of the Ministery of Economy.

- Only workshop participant in the First International Congress of General Emblematics that took place in Zaragoza (Aragón - España) in 1999 IFC (C.S.I.C).

Workshop Characteristics

- It joins the artisanal tradition with scientific rigour to guarantee the carrying out of every original step of the medieval technique.

- Precise observance of the laws of arts and the traditional heraldry (H. P. and P.).

- Colour and enamel in accordance with the international chromatic scale (CIELAB).

- Design according to the rules given out by the heraldry and simbology council advisor of Aragon Government and the emblematics professorship “Baron of Valdeolivos” belonging to “Fernando el Católico” Institution of Zaragoza.

Certificate of Guarantee
(Express warranty)

It can be issued a certificate of guaranteee of every work, drafted by a full member of the Royal Matritense of Heraldry and Genealogy, corporation of public law which belongs to the Spanish Institute, advisor association of the central government in theses matters, and the one in charge of watching over the fulfilment of the heraldic and coats of arms laws.

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